Alena Marajh


Visual Artist  (painter, reflector, observer)

My innate love for colors and fascination with dreams lead me to create fantastical designs of tropical utopias. Within these projections, I train myself to explore their meanings through an artistic lens.

My name, A.Marajh, takes on a double meaning when spoken aloud: “a mirage” is defined as “something illusory, without substance or reality”. This subconscious connection manifests itself through my chosen medium of Watercolor, where the intangible takes on a visual body when I sit to create my works.

My free flowing and tempestuous painting style creates a conversation on paper that directs me with each stroke of my brush. Once a piece has been imprinted, I feel at ease, not from the finality of finishing a painting, but from the completion of an autobiographical narrative on paper.

I delve into the creative process head first, reflecting later. Whether it is painting, collage hop-scotching, or color coding the smallest detail, I am constantly overcome by the creative process in my everyday life. 

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illustration by Pinkbutter


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